Bees, Queens & Nuc’s

Huronia Beekeepers Members

Adam’s Honey

4 frame deep nucs (per the OBBA standard) with overwintered Ontario queens.  Ontario Resistant Honey Bee Selection Program (ORHBS) member

$220 including transport box

Contact: 705-716-5402 Email:


Innisfil Creek Honey

Nuc and Queens page

4 frame deep nucs or 5 frame medium nucs – $225

Contact: 705-456-5093 Email:

Other sources:

The OBA has a list of bee breeders who are selecting for mite & disease resistance here

They also have a general list of members of the Ontario Bee Breeders Association here

Their Nuc Buyers Guide is also good guideline as to what questions to ask what you should be expecting when purchasing a nuc.

OMAFRA also offers this page with information on Queen, Nucleus and Colony Producers which includes a listing of registered producers.